Pomodoro Timer with Sound

pomodoro timer

Guys, you’ve GOT to check out this video I put together! I was having trouble focusing over the holidays, so I started using the pomodoro technique. Since I like to work with music, and I’ve also been studying binaural beats, I decided to put together this nifty little timer that brings two amazing things together…

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Japa Meditation

japa meditation

Japa meditation is a great way to start learning how to meditate, especially if you find it difficult to clear your mind and sit still! Japa meditation is a vocal meditation. In fact, you use mantras and affirmations during the meditation. There are two parts to Japa meditation – the morning meditation and the evening…

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Stop Saying You’re Bad at Things and Say This Instead


My meditation teacher shared a very interesting idea last week at meditation. He reminded us that it’s very easy to judge ourselves and to tell ourselves that we are good or bad at something. How many times have you thought or said, “Ugh, I’m so bad at X”? It’s easy to do, but we have…

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Authentic Happiness: Do you Allow it?

authentic happiness

What is Authentic Happiness? It’s very interesting how the human race is the only species that struggles with happiness. It stems from our consciousness, and since most of us (at least in the more developed parts of the world) already have our basic needs taken care of, we no longer have any innate needs to…

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Loving Kindness Meditation Reflection

Loving Kindness Meditation

Last night, I did a guided loving-kindness meditation. These are some of the most difficult, but also most powerful, meditations for me. For those of you new to the practice, loving kindness meditation, or “metta” meditation, is a meditation in which the focus is on cultivating a sense of compassion and unconditional love for yourself…

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