Mindfulness Bells

mindfulness bells

What are Mindfulness Bells?

Mindfulness bells are simply bells that ring at a regular interval (in this case every 20 minutes). The bells are there to remind you to be present in the moment and take a second to appreciate your life.

How to Use Mindfulness Bells

Every time you hear the bell, I encourage you to take a minute or so to be mindful of the present moment. Notice your environment. Is there a lot of sound? What is on the walls around you? What does it smell like?

Now, pay attention to your body. Are you stressed? Is there a certain part of your body that is carrying tension? How is your posture?

Is your mind overwhelmed? Are your thoughts racing? Do you need a break?

The goal is simply to take a moment to analyze what you are doing and how you are feeling in the present moment.

Once you’ve taken a moment of mindfulness, it’s always a good idea to take a deep breath into your stomach.

When to Listen to Mindfulness Bells?

All the time! You can play this video while you are at you computer working, cooking dinner, washing your car, etc. You can play from your computer, you phone, or even over your speakers- whatever is easiest for you!

The mindfulness bells are simply meant to remind you to take a break from whatever you are doing to take a deep breath and enjoy it! There is joy to be found in any task or any situation; it all depends on perspective :)

To listen for more than 2 hours, simply watch via the playlist (link below) and click “repeat playlist”

Comment below to let me know how you use mindfulness bells and how they have helped you! :)

About The Author

Nicole McIntyre

Nicole believes that everyone deserves to be happy and enjoy their lives. Her mission is to make the world a little happier and a little less stressed through meditation, education, and thought. Join her at http://facebook.com/groups/outsmartinglife.


  • The Cornish Zebra

    Reply Reply January 14, 2016

    Such a simple but clever use!

  • Bree Hogan

    Reply Reply January 15, 2016

    I’m going to give this technique a shot. I think it will be very helpful to bring me back to the present and calm my brain down a bit. Thanks for sharing :-)

    • Nicole McIntyre

      Reply Reply January 17, 2016

      That’s great! Let me know how it goes :) I find that taking deep breaths every 20 minutes really helps me to relax and have a more peaceful day. Thanks for stopping by, Bree.

  • Jessica D.

    Reply Reply January 17, 2016

    Interesting. I love mindset work. Thanks for sharing.

  • Celeste Choi

    Reply Reply January 18, 2016

    Sometimes we must be reminded to shut the world off and listen within. Great post

  • I haven’t heard of mindfulness bells before. Thanks for the introduction!

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