5 Simple Tips for Getting Started With Meditation

5 simple tips to getting started with meditation

Hey guys. Sorry, but it’s time for a wake-up call: if you don’t have a meditation routine yet, you HAVE to get one! Here’s why. 5 Major Benefits of Meditation: Helps reduce stress levels Increases positive emotions & life satisfaction Reduces loneliness and increases connectedness Increases memory, focus, and attention span Decreases feelings of anxiety…

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Meditation Timer Playlist

meditation timers

Hi all! I put together a meditation timer playlist on YouTube and wanted to share it with you. Each video is unguided (silent) and has a bell to signal the start and end of the practice. You may use them however you’d like, and please comment below if you have any feedback. I’d love to…

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Meditation for Beginners: Two-Minutes of Mindfulness

two minute meditation for beginners

Hey guys! This is my FIRST EVER guided meditation! What a great start to 2016 How to: Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners The point of a mindfulness meditation is to be mindful of the present moment (I know, big surprise 😉 ). Sit in a quiet, comfortable place with a straight back and your head held…

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Pomodoro Timer with Sound

pomodoro timer

Guys, you’ve GOT to check out this video I put together! I was having trouble focusing over the holidays, so I started using the pomodoro technique. Since I like to work with music, and I’ve also been studying binaural beats, I decided to put together this nifty little timer that brings two amazing things together…

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Stop Saying You’re Bad at Things and Say This Instead


My meditation teacher shared a very interesting idea last week at meditation. He reminded us that it’s very easy to judge ourselves and to tell ourselves that we are good or bad at something. How many times have you thought or said, “Ugh, I’m so bad at X”? It’s easy to do, but we have…

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